The beginnings

history_1While Ginger Beer was first manufactured in Australia in 1820, the first recipe for Gillespie’s Ginger Beer originated prior to that in County Durham, North East England. It was handed down from four generations to Allan and Fran Gillespie who started making the recipe a long way from Durham, in Tasmania.

Gillespie’s Ginger Beer started as a backyard family product around 1993 and was made by the Gillepie’s at family events and occasions. But it wasn’t long until their friends requested they start making it for their own parties and events. As its popularity increased and after some discussion and planning “Gillespie’s Ginger Beer” was born.

Growing up

history_2To help their son Robbie realise his dream to attend university, Allan proposed that every dollar made selling the ginger beer would be invested in this project. With their combined energy and talents, they worked together taking the business to the next level and his dream became true. Needless to say Robbie is now travelling the world working for humanitarian organizations.

Allan and Fran approaching retirement sold their business to friends Sam and Allison Loney, which is where it remains today. While the business has grown, it’s goals and the family’s attitude has remained the same, seeing it more as something that opens doors they may have otherwise remained shut, as opposed to an end in itself.