The Process

Gillespie’s Quality

gingerOur ginger beers are traditionally brewed in the bottle, using a recipe handed down from four generations and originating in Durham, Northern England – the home of ginger beer!

Gillespie’s Ginger Beer is free from preservatives and additives and made from premium ingredients : natural filtered rainwater, organic fresh ginger, Tahitian lime, lemon, native Tasmanian pepper berry leaf and sugar.

The Process

Gillespie’s Ginger Beer is made in our shed in the backyard at Bream Creek. Now THAT may seem a little crude, but we like to be there throughout the whole brewing process. When you hand make things like this, you need to have your eye on it at all times.

We use yeast to create fermentation and there are many factors which effect how quickly or slowly a brew will be ready. For this reason every bottle may vary slightly which adds to the uniqeness of our product. Once the yeast activation is complete we have to pasturise each brew to stop the fermenting process. That is why we don’t have any lids that pop off in grandma’s pantry in the middle of the night.

Some Facts

We make 4500 bottles in every brew and do this on average once a week. The complete process takes around five days.  It keeps us, as a family busy and we employ local people to help with the production process.